quick and accurate

Our Process

Speed, Quality, Precision – our focus on these three attributes allow us to satisfy customers to the fullest extent possible. Quality checks throughout each phase of production allows us to fulfill that promise. Check out our process at Snake River Fabrication below.

1. Contact Is Made

When an order is received, a quote is requested, or an inquiry is submitted, it is automatically put into our queue to be discussed that afternoon or the very next morning.

12 hrs
2. Meeting Is Held

During our meetings, we discuss your product... confirming all dimensions, colors, texts, fonts, sizes, and everything else we can confirm before it gets put into our production queue. If any questions or irregularities come about during our meeting, we reach out to you for clarification first.

24 hrs
3. Materials Quantified

We'll review any request for quote, inquiry, or order received and quantify the materials needed. If it is a request for quote, our team will work on the proposal and submit it to you that day. If it's an inquiry, our team will reach out to you after that meeting is held for any clarifications and to get the process started. If it's an order, our team confirms the materials are on hand and submits the project into the queue to be developed.

48 hours
4. Materials Confirmed

During this phase of work we will double check all materials, dimensions, formats, and all data. Your project is then moved into the next slot to be put into production

72 hours
5. Production Begins

Our team will begin your project. If it is a stocked item, the team prepares the item for shipping and it is picked up that day or the very next day to be delivered to you! If it is not a stocked item, our team starts the process of loading the materials necessary onto the equipment in our warehouse and shaping your product.

4 days
6. Quality Check #1

During Quality Check #1, all materials that have been cut, formed, or shaped materials for your specific project are reviewed and inspected to confirm they meet your projects specifications.

5 days
7. Shipping or Welding

If your project does not require any bolted or welded connections, the products will be shipped to our partners for finishing or shipped to you if no finishing is required. If welding or bolted connections are required, our team of professionals will make those connections per your specifications.

6 days
8. Quality Check #2

Whether your products were sent for finishing or if we had connections to make, at this point we will perform another quality check by a qualified inspector of those connections or of the finish provided on your products.

1 week
9. Final Finish

Final products are sent to our partners for finishing or are sent to you after the previous quality check.

2 weeks
10. Final Quality Check

At this point the only thing left for us to do is do one final inspection on the finish of the product and confirm it is to your desire. Once that is done it is picked up to be sent to you at your desired location