Man working on a building wearing fall protection equipment


Fall Protection Equipment

With our background in this unique industry, Snake River Fabrication has the ability to supply all types of Fall Protection Equipment and Exterior Building Maintenance Equipment.

Fall Protection Equipment in Nampa, ID

  • Worker on scaffolding

    Fall Protection Anchors

    Designed to provide a secure point of attachment, fall protection anchors are components that attach to the structure where work is occurring, either temporarily or permanently. Snake River Fabrication manufacturers a variety of fall protection anchors for different uses.

  • Two workers sitting on scaffolding

    Horizontal Lifelines

    The horizontal lifeline consists of a cable attached to two or more anchor points on a roof-top, crane runway, bridge, catwalk or construction site, or any other elevated work area that poses a fall risk to personnel and traveling from point A to point B maintaining 100% tie-off is desired.

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    A key difference between guardrails and handrails is that guardrails are a lifesaving building component, whereas handrails are used for support while walking along a path. Depending on your project, we can assist with fabricating both handrails and guardrails!

Exterior Building Maintenance (EBM) Equipment

  • Two workers on a suspended platform

    Suspended Platforms

    Powered, suspended work platforms are custom order items, modular by nature and designed to match your building’s needs. We provide this equipment with versatility built-in and safety always in mind. With our partners, we provide you the most innovative equipment in the industry to fit any building.

  • Davit on top of a building


    Davits are the most well known type of support equipment in the exterior building maintenance industry and used to support multiple scaffolding systems including powered platforms and swing stages.

  • Construction worker examining a tie-back anchor

    Tie-Back Anchors

    Tie-back Anchors are generally rated for 5,000 pounds, and provide a variety of tie back purposes such as a secure point of attachment for personnel fall protection or for equipment used to suspend on the exterior of buildings

  • Socket for a davit system


    Sockets are an essential component of davit systems. Sockets are a method for attaching a transportable davit to a pedestal that is permanently secured to the building’s structure.

  • Pedestal for a davit system


    Pedestals are permanently attached to the structure to support a davit system

  • Scaffolding outrigger


    Scaffolding outriggers are a very common system used for facade access to perform all types of building maintenance and can provide an alternative to a davit system. All contractors in the Scaffold Access Industry are trained on the use and safety of outrigger systems.