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Join the Snake River Fabrication Team

Open Positions

Perks and Benefits

  • Profit Sharing Plan

    Snake River Fabrication offers a profit sharing plan each year for all employees.

  • Paid Time off and Sick Leave

    We have a fair and open paid time off policy at Snake River Fabrication.

  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage

    We pay 100% of your healthh coverage with the option to bring on family members.

  • 401k

    Snake River Fabrication offers 401k plans to help you prepare for retirement.

  • Dental Coverage

    We are proud to offer full dental coverage for our employees.

  • Fun and Friendly Environment

    At Snake River Fabrication, we pride ourselves on staying positive and having fun.

  • Bonus

    we pride ourselves on staying positive and having fun.

Metal fabricator in the shop

Our Mission


- Results-Oriented

- Challenging Work

- Recognition for Contributions and Achievements

- Flexible Hours

- Relaxed Dress Code

- A Creative and Stimulating Environment

- Strong and Involved Leadership

- Ample Support and Resources

- Company Outings, Events and Celebrations

- Friendly and Respectful RapportĀ Among Co-Workers

- Support for Professional Development Through Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

-Team Atmosphere