Department: Manufacturing Department

Direct Report: CEO

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Manage Manufacturing Department

2. Manage and evaluate machine resources to ensure productivity and minimal downtime

3. Reading and interpreting engineering blueprints

4. Strive to reduce expenses and increase productivity across all product lines

5. Ensure all employees follow industry standard health and safety guidelines

6. Set ambitious production goals and communicate them to key personnel

7. Provide motivation, support and guidance to all employees

8. Communicate any problems or obstacles to senior management

9. Establish work flow policies that enhance speed and efficiency without compromising product safety or integrity

10. Performing quality checks on completed products as necessary

11. Plan, determine optimal utilization of manufacturing workers and equipment to meet manufacturing goals

12. Determine if new manufacturing machines, methods are needed

13. Ensure that manufacturing stays on schedule and within budget

14. Coordinate manufacturing with Sales, Design, Engineering, and other departments, as well as with vendors and shippers

15. Help ensure that customer, statutory, standards, and internal requirements are met or exceeded

16. Hire, train, and evaluate manufacturing workers; monitor workers to ensure they meet performance and safety requirements

17. Analyze manufacturing data and identify trends, anomalies, and opportunities for improvement; identify and utilize methods of making manufacturing process more efficient and effective (reducing waste, using lean)

18. Write manufacturing reports and present to top management

19. Direct corrections (corrective action) of any manufacturing problems that may arise; work with Quality Manager in development and implementation of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)

20. Ensure entire safety of all employees working in manufacturing department

21. Participate in monthly manager meet

22. Supervise production planning, manufacturing, purchasing and shipping

23. Ensure to promote atmosphere allowing them to use best of their skills

24. Employ, interview, monitor and conduct disciplinary methods for all subordinates

25. Perform with teams and supply chain management to ensure stable stream of inventory without any excess

26. Conduct routine audits of equipments and schedules

27. Design, prepare and record test and manufacturing methods to ensure high quality and efficiency

28. Write and present employee performance reviews along with recommend financial increases

29. Responsible for Write ups of employees if necessary

Skills Required

5+ years of work experience in manufacturing operations - 2+ years in a supervisory capacity preferred - Ability to read and comprehend blueprints and work specifications - Excellent project management skills - Working knowledge of OSHA & EPA regulations - Knowledge of warehouse and fabrication best practices and safety procedures - Strong ability to problem solve

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